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Glitter Powder Manufacturers in India

We are the best Imported Glitter Powder Manufacturer In India. We are offering Colored Glitter Dust to our clients in different colors. These holographic glitter are used in various areas of the cosmetics industry, textile industry, handcrafted accessories, shoe industry, glass and bangles. We can provide these holographic glitters in customized sizes as per the requirements of our clients.

Types of Glitters , We Have – Silver Glitter Powder, Golden Glitter Powder, Colour Glitter Powder, Fluorescent Glitter Powder, Rainbow Glitter Powder, Chameleon Glitter Powder, Photochromic Glitter Powder, Aluminium Glitter Powder, Glow in the Dark Glitter Powder and Many more

Holographic Glitter Powder:
Creates a holographic, multidimensional effect.
Holographic glitter is often used in the fashion and cosmetics industry for products like nail polish, makeup, and clothing. It can also be used in crafts and decorations to add a dazzling, eye – catching touch.
Silver Glitter Powder:
Classic, shiny silver appearance.
Silver glitter is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. It’s commonly used in crafting, holiday decorations, textiles, and cosmetics. It can add a touch of elegance and sparkle to various products.
Polyester Glitter Powder:
Made from polyester material, durable, and resistant to fading.
Polyester glitter is often used in applications where durability is important. It’s suitable for products like clothing, accessories, and home decor where the glitter needs to maintain its sparkle over time.

Colour Glitter Powder:
Colour Glitter powder is highly customizable and can be used in a wide range of products depending on the desired colour and effect. It’s commonly used in arts and crafts, cosmetics, and fashion accessories.
Best glitter powder manufacturer in India, it’s essential to highlight the quality, consistency, and variety of your glitter products to attract potential customers in the mentioned application areas.

Glitter Powder
Glitter Powder
Glitter Powder