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Metal Pigment Powder Manufacturer In India

We are the best metal pigment powder manufacturer in India. Metal effect pigments are luster pigments consisting of platelet-like metallic particles, mostly of aluminum (so-called silver bronzes), copper, copper/zinc (so-called gold bronzes), and zinc flakes. After parallel orientation in their application medium, they show a metal-like luster by the reflection of light at the surface of the flat metal particles in one direction.

Thus, the pigment particles act similar to small mirrors and lead when orientated parallel in the application system to a reflecting metal luster (metallic effect). Metal effect pigments are used in all relevant application systems such as coatings, paints, plastics, artist paints, cosmetics, printing inks, leather, construction materials, paper, glass, and ceramics. Specific composition, particle size distribution and surface quality determine the coloristic and application technical properties of the individual pigments and are the best Metal pigments manufacturer in India.

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