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Metal Pigments Manufacturer In India

We are the best metal pigment powder manufacturer in India. Metal effect pigments are luster pigments consisting of platelet-like metallic particles, mostly of aluminum (silver bronzes), copper, copper/zinc (gold bronzes), and zinc flakes. After parallel orientation in their application medium, they show a metal-like luster by the reflection of light at the surface of the flat metal particles in one direction.

Varieties of different customer needs:

  • Bronze Pigment: Bronze pigments are known for their warm and rich appearance. They are often used in paints and coatings to impart a metallic bronze effect.
  • Gold Bronze Powder: Gold bronze pigments provide a luxurious and vibrant gold appearance. They are commonly used in cosmetics, artist paints, and decorative applications.
  • Silver/Aluminum Powder: Silver and aluminum pigments can create stunning metallic effects. They are widely used in the automotive industry, as well as in various coatings and printing inks.
  • Copper Lining/Powder: Copper pigments offer a unique reddish or coppery appearance and are used in various applications, including paints and plastics.
  • Silver Dollar Paste: Silver dollar paste likely refers to a specific formulation of silver pigment suitable for certain applications. Silver pigments are highly reflective and can create a classic metallic look.
  • Rich Gold Lining/Powder: Rich gold pigments typically provide a deeper and more intense gold appearance, making them ideal for high-end applications like luxury cosmetics and premium paints.


As a top manufacturer, you likely have expertise in tailoring the composition, particle size distribution, and surface quality of these pigments to meet specific coloristic and technical requirements. This level of customization can be crucial for industries where color consistency and performance are paramount.

It’s also worth considering sustainability and environmental aspects in the production process, as these factors are becoming increasingly important in various industries.

Metal Pigment
Metal Pigment
Metal Pigment