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Optical Brightener

Optical Brightener Manufacturers in India

Optical Brightener -1 is added to many materials to reduce yellowing, improve whiteness, and to enhance the brightness of a product. OB-1 is used widely in the Polymers because of its excellent brightening ability, good thermal stability, and compatibility with many polymers. Optical brighteners function by absorbing ultraviolet radiation and remitting blue light. The emitted blue light will reduce the yellow colour of a polymer. In the presence of a whitening agent, such as TiO2, the use of OB-1 will produce a brilliant appearance. OB-1 complies with regulations for indirect food additives

Benefits of Optical Brightener

  1. Reduction of Yellowing: OB-1 effectively absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation and re-emits it as blue light. This blue emission counteracts yellow hues, making polymers appear whiter and more vibrant.
  2. Improvement in Whiteness: By integrating OB-1 with whitening agents like titanium dioxide (TiO2), products achieve an unparalleled level of brilliance and clarity. This combination ensures that the final appearance of the material is exceptionally bright and appealing.
  3. Brightness: The addition of OB-1 to polymers significantly boosts their brightness. This is particularly beneficial for products where visual aesthetics are crucial, such as in packaging, consumer goods, and textiles.
  4.  Stability: OB-1 maintains its brightening effect even at elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent performance during polymer processing and in end-use applications.
Optical Brightener

Applications of Optical Brightener OB-1

  • Polymers: Widely used in various polymer formulations, OB-1 enhances the visual appeal and quality of plastic products.
  • Textiles: Improves the whiteness and brightness of fabrics, ensuring they look fresh and clean.
  • Packaging: Enhances the appearance of packaging materials, making products more attractive to consumers.

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