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Seeds Coating Polymer for Agriculture

Seed Polymer are used in the coating process. The coating process consist of the application of a thin water. Permeable polymer based coating layer on to the seed, seed coating, or pellet. SP Colour & Chemicals offers a range of colours, coverage qualities, Opacities and finishes. Such as Non – Metallic, Metallic(Powder as well as liquid)

Types of Seeds Polymer Colours :- Dry Seed Colour, Dry Metallic Seeds Colour,  Liquid Seeds Colour, Liquid Metallic Seeds Colour, Dry Dyes Seeds Colour and Many more.

Our Seed Pelleting helps to Protect your Seeds for long time. We Supply our Polymer all over World, Like – India, Nepal, Dubai, Italy, Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, and more.

 Advantages of Polymer Coating
  • Better Shelf Life or a result less settling out of components.
  • Greater flexibility of dilution at point of use.
  • Less water resulting in reduce shipping cost & Storage Cost.
  • Protect Seeds from Environmental Diseases and Insects.
  • Optimize germination rates.
  • Excellent binding ability to provide elastic, Non- brittle film & Virtual Dust free Coating.
  • Firmly encapsulate each seed individually.
  • It deliver additional value to the end user not  just addition weight but a well formed   film on  pallet.
  •  Virtually any crop seed can be Coated.
Seeds Coating Polymer
Seeds Coating Polymer

Available Colours for Seeds

  • Black polymer
  • Red Polymer
  • Yellow Polymer
  • Blue Polymer
  • Brown Polymer
  • Green Polymer
  • Pink Polymer
  • Violet Polymer
  • Golden Polymer
  • Silver Polymer
  • White Pearl Polymer
  • Sea Green Polymer
  • Parrot Green Polymer
Conclusion : 

Seed Colour polymer are able to  Protect Seeds for Long time by Insects,  Environmental Diseases, Optimize Germination Rates, Better Shelf Life and many more.

Seed Coating Polymer
Seed Coating Polymer
Seed Coating Polymer