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Epoxy Pigment Paste Manufacturers in India

SP Colour & Chemicals offering high-quality Epoxy Pigments. Our pigments are specially manufactured to meet the diverse needs of various industries, ensuring vibrant and lasting colour solutions for epoxy-based applications.

Key Features:

  • Quality: Our Epoxy Pigments are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and top raw materials to ensure superior quality and performance.
  • Versatility: AMP Pigments are versatile and compatible with a wide range of epoxy resins, making them suitable for various applications.
    Designed for easy incorporation into epoxy formulations, our pigments ensure a smooth and hassle-free mixing process.

Shades and Colours:

AMP Pigments offer a rich spectrum of shades and colours, allowing you to unleash your creativity and achieve the desired aesthetic for your projects. Whether you’re looking for bold and vibrant tones or subtle and sophisticated hues, our range of epoxy pigments has you covered.

Epoxy Uses:

AMP Pigments find application in a multitude of industries and products, including:

  • Epoxy Flooring: Create stunning, durable, and colourful epoxy flooring solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.
  • Art and Crafts: Enhance your artistic creations with a vibrant palette of epoxy pigments, adding depth and character to your projects.
  • Industrial Coatings: Our pigments are ideal for formulating epoxy coatings that offer both protection and aesthetics for industrial equipment and surfaces.
  • Home Decor: Transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary pieces with our epoxy pigments, perfect for countertops, tables, and decorative items.
Epoxy Pigment


We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer customization options, enabling you to create bespoke colours that align perfectly with your vision.

Choose AMP Pigments by SP Colour & Chemicals for high-quality epoxy pigments that deliver exceptional results across various applications. Let us bring colour to your creations and innovations.

Epoxy Pigment
Epoxy Pigment
Epoxy Pigment