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Seeds Coating Polymer Colours


Seeds Polymer Coating

Seed Polymer are used in the film coating process. The film coating process consist of the application of a thin water. Permeable polymer based coating layer on to the seed, seed coating, or pellet. SP Colour & Chemicals offers a range of colours, coverage qualities, Opacities and finishes. Such as Non – Metallic, Metallic(Powder as well as liquid)

 Advantages of Polymer Coating
  • Better Shelf Life or a result less settling out of components.
  • Greater flexibility of dilution at point of use.
  • Less water resulting in reduce shipping cost & Storage Cost.
  • Optimize germination rates.
  • Excellent binding ability to provide elastic, Non- brittle film & Virtual Dust free Coating.
  • Firmly encapsulate each seed individually.
  • It deliver additional value to the end user not  just addition weight but a well formed   film on  pallet.
  •  Virtually any crop seed can be Coated.
Seed colour
Seed colour
Available Colours for Seeds
  • Black polymer
  • Red Polymer
  • Yellow Polymer
  • Blue Polymer
  • Brown Polymer
  • Green Polymer
  • Pink Polymer
  • Violet Polymer
  • Golden Polymer
  • Silver Polymer
  • White Pearl Polymer
  • Sea Green Polymer
  • Parrot Green Polymer