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Chameleon Powder Manufacturers in India

In the world of pigments and color innovation, SP Colour & Chemicals stands as a beacon of excellence. We are proud to present our exceptional line of Chameleon Pigments, which are taking the art and science of color to a whole new level. Our Chameleon Pigments are a true testament to the fascinating synergy between technology and creativity, and they promise to redefine the way you perceive color.

The Magic of Chameleon Pigments

At SP Colour & Chemicals, we understand that color isn’t static, it’s a dynamic and captivating phenomenon. Our Chameleon Pigments are the embodiment of this understanding. These pigments are carefully crafted from high transparent flake crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide, a combination that gives birth to colors that transcend the ordinary.

Color-Shifting Wonders

One of the most remarkable features of our Chameleon Pigments is their ability to shift and change colors as you observe them from different angles. This metamorphosis is a mesmerizing dance of hues, as the pigments reveal an array of shades, providing an unparalleled visual experience.

This unique quality makes them a preferred choice for industries where aesthetics play a pivotal role.

Features of Chameleon Pigments:

  • Versatile Applications: Chameleon Pigments find their place in a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, automotive coatings, plastics, and more. They enhance the visual appeal and create a lasting impression in every product they create.
  • Quality: SP Colour & Chemicals commitment for quality and purity in every pigment produced. AMP Pigments are no exception, exhibiting exceptional performance and consistency.
  • Durability: These pigments are formulated to withstand the test of time, maintaining their captivating color-shifting properties even in harsh environmental conditions.

Chameleon Pigments utilized in different industries:

  • Cosmetics: From eyeshadows and lip glosses to nail polishes and hair accessories, AMP Chameleon Pigments infuse a touch of magic into cosmetic products, ensuring that users stand out in any crowd.
  • Automotive Coatings: In the automotive industry, these pigments adorn vehicles with an alluring color-changing effect, elevating their aesthetic appeal. Whether on car exteriors or interiors.
  • Plastics: Plastic products become more enticing with the addition of AMP Chameleon Pigments, captivating consumers and increasing the perceived value of the product.


SP Colour & Chemicals, with its brand AMP Pigments, has redefined the world of pigments with their mesmerizing Chameleon Pigments. 

These remarkable pigments are a testament to the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and aesthetics. Whether enhancing the allure of 

cosmetics, automotive coatings, or plastics, AMP Chameleon Pigments add a touch of enchantment and wonder to any application. Experience the 

captivating world of color-shifting with AMP Chameleon Pigments – where colors transform and magic happens.

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